Solarview 2200-2500 Series

The 2200 – 2500 Solarview Skylight System is a unique state of the art structural skylight system that features a multiple cascading weep system. This allows any condensation or water entering the system to be routed directly to the exterior through a series of carefully designed condensation channels and out through a unique hooded weep system. These systems also feature a flush horizontal and sill connection. This feature eliminates the buildup of dirt and grime associated with horizontal clamping bar and captured perimeter systems.

Another unique feature of the Solarview system is the Concealed Moment ridge and sill connection. This carefully designed extrusion allows us to design many complex shapes and configurations while significantly reducing thrusts from wind and snow loads.

All of the Solarview perimeter, rafter and purlin extrusions are designed to be interchangeable between the systems. This allows for great flexibility when striving for particular architectural design elements and consistency throughout a building. All of the systems are also available in a self flashing configuration, reducing the need for additional flashings and integration between multiple building trades.

All of the Solarview systems are designed to accept single, double or multiple glazing configurations in thicknesses up to 2 inches.