Cost Effective Daylighting

Cost Effective Daylighting starts with using naturally available
sunlight to significantly and effectively reduce the dependence on electrical lighting and the HVAC load associated with it.

Direct sunlight from skylights and well planned daylighting,
although sometimes synonymous, can also be two entirely different approaches to providing natural light into a building core.

Well planned direct sunlight can create dramatic interior spaces
and wonderful changing shadows, though it should be limited to common gathering areas, corridors, and entryways. Too much direct light or poorly designed work spaces can create
uncomfortable glare and heat gain.

The use of Daylighting for office task lighting, educational facilities and some industrial applications involves the use of light diffusing glazing which includes materials like white innerlayers, ceramic frit, and multiwall polycarbonate or fiberglass glazing. Dynamic systems such as operable louvers and electro-chromatic variable light transmission glazing are also gaining popularity.

We can provide an integrated design process from early planning stages that includes selection of glazing materials, detailing,
assistance with modeling, daylight simulations, and assistance with credits. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in daylighting, passive solar design and skylight fabrication and
installation experience.